Afternoon Concert: Younge, Arias, Molk, Akiho

2:30-3:30, PONCHO Hall

Bethany Younge - Electric Speak! Junk for Me! (10')

Melanie Sehman

Electric Speak! Junk for Me! (2016) for speaking human and electric junk explores embodiment in music through the performance of a spoken text. The words of the performer are manipulated, systematically obfuscated, and ultimately replaced by the sounds of the electric appliances.

Spencer Arias - Other Cities (20')

Chris Sies, percussion

People often forget how much where they live affect how they live their lives. This piece is an attempt to explore cities throughout the country. When composing this piece, my intention was that we would be comparing Seattle to other cities, but upon thinking about it, exploring Seattle first before we move to other cities would make the work more effective. The instruments must come from the city it is being performed in. This is paired with field recordings on a 45-minute walk from Capitol Hill through downtown Seattle. Finally, I have asked the performer to go on a 45-minute walk similar to this, and take pictures to act as the backdrop.

David Molk - hope (6.5')

Melanie Voytovich, glockenspiel

hope was commissioned by the New Works for Percussion Project in 2017, an organization Melanie founded three years prior. Molk was inspired by the hope he had as a soon-to-be parent for the health and well-being of his then unborn son, and more generally for society to be a better place where all of us can thrive. Written as a contemporary lullaby, the program notes remind us not to make the baby or the glockenspiel scream.

Andy Akiho - Stop Speaking (6')

Storm Benjamin, percussion

Stop Speaking is a contemporary piece for solo snare drum and digital playback.

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